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Mini First Aid Kit (Travel)

Mini First Aid Kit (Travel)

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1. Alcohol tablets 5*5cm x2pcs for cleaning and disinfecting wounds
2. Non-woven tape 1.25*500cm x1pcs for traumatic dressing, pasting, fixing the joints of bone joints, etc.
3. Bandage 7.2*1.9cm x5pcs Trauma dressing with hemostatic effect
4. Non-woven triangle towel 96*96*136cm x1pcs Used to wrap and fix wounds in various parts of the body. It can be used as a sling to support injured arms or shoulders.
5. PBT elastic bandage 5*450cm x1pcs for the fixation of wounds in active parts such as joints
6. Scissors 9cm x1pcs Clothing or obstructions used to cut dressings or stick to wounds
7. Cotton swab 8cm x10pcs absorbs the blood from the wound and evenly spreads the liquid on the wound.
8. Pin 3cm x10pcs fixation during the dressing
9. First Aid Kit Outsourcing 14*10*5cm x1pcs For assembly inside items

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