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Portable Garment Steamer

Portable Garment Steamer

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-100% brand new and high quality.

-High-quality ABS material, exquisite workmanship and high durability.

-Easy to use. Hand-held steam brush can provide powerful continuous steam.

-Large transparent water tank, you can see the water volume, and fill water in time, which is more convenient.

-Very suitable for ironing useless clothes, harmless and safe to use.

-One-button operation, very simple and easy to use.

-Use a portable steam iron to save time and effort to ensure that you watch the room on time and will not iron your clothes.

-Release stable and powerful steam, which can instantly remove wrinkles on clothes, save time and energy, and make you look more beautiful at the same time!

-This lightweight portable steam brush is suitable for all your travels and business trips, so you can maintain a clean and professional image.

-Use the ironing board to remove the creases of the clothes on the table with strong spray.

-Wipe directly contaminated soil quickly by continuous spraying with a brush on the body.


Add water and connect to the power supply, the red power indicator light will light up, and the heating element will start to heat up until the red indicator light is on.

In use, press and release the steam button rhythmically every 2 seconds, the front nozzle will produce a large amount of continuous high temperature and high pressure steam.

Hang the clothes directly on the hanger, put them flat on the ironing board, or even on the table, just add water and turn on, wait for 50 seconds to start ironing the clothes.

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